716a quality

I get very bad results with my 716a TLA0304. Having a look at other results in this forum i think i should request a RMA for this drive.

The only scan that looks bad is the YUDEN000-T01-00 disc. The other discs are fine (PIF is more important than PIE and the PIF in most of your scans don’t exceed 4 so that’s good). There is a small spike in the MCC scan but not high enough to cause read problems in most drives. Agreed, your PIE values look higher than the values that other members have posted but you have to keep in mind that these values are not absolute values. They are a representation of what the drive picks up during reading. If you were to scan the discs in another drive you might see a completely different picture.

In conclusion I would personally say that if the discs work fine in the drives you use them in you have nothing to worry about. The only thing I would check are the Taiyo Yuden discs. These should be of high quality and your Plextor should work great with them. But, there are fake Taiyo Yuden discs in the market which might explain the bad results. It could also just be a bad disc.

Good luck and welcome to the forums!

I bet that the Yuden is a fake Yuden… Of which brand is it, gotcha9999?

Yuden T01: Verbatim DVD+R 4x (Pastel Disc)
Yuden T02: Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x printable (25 cakebox) from OS-MediaTrade

So i think these are real Taiyo Yuden.

Taiyo Yuden T01 written with my 708a at 4x are quite good.

Oh, in that case they should be real, yes.

Os-Mediatrade sells real genuine TY media, i can confirm this i’ve ordered many times from them, but in your case gotcha9999 i’d try to burn some disks of the yudenT02 at
lower speeds to see how are the results there, anyway i get with this media with my plexis at 12x not so high pie’s, like yours. So i’d recommend also to order from another shop
some Yuden’s, maybe the Fuji branded for example, to test another batch, cause the last
batch i got from Os-Mediatrade was not the best one, but good enough. If you get higher pie’s at the lower speed, then it’s time to contact plextor.

Well, it should be obvious that you should try to burn a disc with the speed it is rated for if you have problems with higher speeds! :rolleyes: It’s like overclocking: it might work, and perhaps it even works for many people, but nothing is guaranteed, and if you can’t overclock (or “overspeed” DVD+/-Rs), you can’t blame anybody.

Looks much better.

But another question: The TA Test from Plextools always says ‘not good’ (Taiyo Yuden T02, Verbatim MCC04 burned at 8x and 12x). Is this normal?

With those TA test pictures, this assessment is correct.

Now i come to the conclusion that my drives burning quality is quite bad.
Thanks for your answers.

To Alexander: Nice software, your pxscan :slight_smile:

No, the burning quality seems ok, considering the perfectly normal Yuden000-T02 burn @8x.

That is a great burn. Here is a reference from zevia’s signature that you can use: zevia’s Quality Score:
Excellent: PIE max <20, PIF<=4, POF=0
Very Good: PIE max <100, PIF<=4, POF=0
Good: PIE max <280, PIF<=4, POF=0
Bad: PIE max >280, and/or PIF>4, and/or POF>0

You could repeat the scan at 12x speed. A really good burn should still result in low error rates

Same disc scanned at 12x.

-> good burn scanned at 12x …

gotcha999, looking at your 12x scan above and 16x scan in your first post, in my opinion, you got a mixed YUDEN000T02 quality.

The 16x scan shows that the drive doesn’t have any problem burning the disk until 4GB mark where it produce slightly high PIEs. The PIFs (and all parameters) are still within standard btw, just like others mentioned.

In the 12x scan, it looks like high spikes were produced where PoweRec kicked in, not sure. Did you disable PoweRec?

I would like to see one more scan burn @12x to compare with the above, with PoweRec and AutoStrategy ON . If you get a better scan, it looks like your YUDEN000T02 varies in quality. Otherwise it might be your drive, but I really doubt since you can produce good burn @16x in the first post.

The scans in my first post are all at 2x. The speed in the comment line is the burning speed not the scan speed.

Zevia: You know, there is no point in adding the scan speed to the comment line :smiley:

Ah ok, sorry for the mixed up. :wink:

Don’t know how Alex can get a good result scanning @12x but I can’t. Here’s mine on TY02, one scanned @2x and the other scanned @12x --same disk. The 12x scan looks the same with gotcha9999. So I believe your drive is OK, gotcha999.

PS: I stopped the scans early.



What`s the software you did use on this last scan, 2x and 12X?