716A Problem with Hard Drive in DMA



Here is my problem (I am not really a computer whiz).
I have a new 716A which I haven’t been able to get fast burn speeds when recording DVD. It would take 45-55 minutes to burn one DVD. I have two hard drives that I burn from. The Plextor is separate and running as the master. From what I have been able to figure, I get faster burns from my main hard drive which is the master(Ultra DMA Mode 2). But when I try to burn from my second drive, which is the slave, I only can get PIO Mode. It is from this drive that I get the slow burns. It is from this drive that I burn most of my data.

My question is:
How do I get my secondary drive to go to DMA Mode? Is there a fix for this?

My system is a Dell 2.2 Ghrtz with 640MB of RAM. I have checked my connector ribbons(OK), done test writes(OK), etc. Everything seems to be in order except for my secondary drive in PIO Mode.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hefto. Welcome to CDF. I am not great with Dell but could you tell us if it is an AMD or Intel also you may have to go to your device manager and manually select UDMA for the drive and restart the computer and see if it stays in UDMA. Also ensure your jumper is ser to Master or cable select. Could be wrong but I believe Dell uses cable select.There should also be only one Jumper on your drive, if you have the UDMA jumper installed you need to remove it.HTH :slight_smile:


My sytem is Celeron , so I think it is Intel. I will check my jumper when I get time and see if that does anything. Actually, I will have my son do it, as he is the expert as those things. Thanks. I know I can’t maually select UDMA right now, so I am thinking you are on the right track.


Did you use the 80 pin cable that came with the drive?


I do have the 80 pin cable…I tried changing the jumper to cable select and that didn’ t work. I will try not using the jumper next. Pray for me…the next step is to get my “9” and bust a cap in this darn thing.


Your second hard drive may only be an ATA66. What is the make of the hard drive in question?


first off you using windows 98/ xp or what?

Second roll back your ide drivers to microsoft.

report back.


My second drive is a Seagate 120GB Ultra ATA/100 and I am using windows XP Pro SP2. I don’t know how to roll back my IDE drivers to microsoft. Thanks,


Don’t know what Jamos has in mind, but the way I roll back the drivers is go to the Device Manager and click on ATA/ATAPI controllers, you should see Ultra ATA storage controllers. Right click and select update drivers then click Advanced (install from a list or specific location/next/don’t search I will choose the driver to install/next/ you should see Standard Dual channel PCI IDE controllers highlight and click next and it will install the default drivers. I do this to ensure I am in fact installing the default MS drivers. HTH. :slight_smile:


Try this and see if it helps


I tried the link from Dell, But it is for different Dell system than what I have. I could get my second drive to go to Ultra DMA mode 2, but my burns were still running at about 1.3X(I had selected a speed for the burn of 12X). When I re-boot my computer, it goes back to PIO mode