716a plextor

I just bought this burner 2 weeks ago and it worked fine for two days. But lately it writes at 11,000 kbs and when it gets to 69 percent it just drops to 2,700kbs and it goes to 100% then states unable to burn. I try copying dvd with nero 6.0 version and I updated the firmware. Plse help.

what’s your system configuration and media being used?

perhaps windows has switched the interface from UDMA 4 to PIO…

I am running a 2800 amd and amptron mother board with with two sticks of 256 and the media that I am using is the TDK 8x DVD+R47DCB50and i also check the interface and is in Ultra dma.

amptron mobo? never heard of that.

can you shut down all background processes and/or try different media?

Use system restore if available to go back to a previous configuration. Perhaps to a time when the burner was working okay.

Multiple burner sofware can create similar problem.

Seems to me like PoweRec is kicking in, this is quite normal for the PX-716A. If you can (and want to waste a disc), use Nero CD-DVD Speed and do a Create Data Disc test. This will actually record a disc and show you the exact speeds the drive is recording at. It will hopefully also produce the speed drop. Then, once it is done you can save the results and post it here. Also, if you can waste another disc, disable the PX-716A’s PoweRec function and perform another Create Data Disc test via Nero CD-DVD Speed. PoweRec can be disabled via the PlexTools software. Once PoweRec is disabled you probably won’t see the drop in recording speed (although this is now always preferred because PoweRec reduces the write speed for a reason: reducing write errors). Let us know what you find out.