716A or 712A Real Systems Requirements?

i have an old system (PIII 450 320Mo Ram Win2000 UDMA2) and i need to buy a good DVD writer (Internal UDMA);
the Minimum Systems Requirements for plextor writers on the web site are :
716A : Pentium4 1.4GHZ (minimum) RAM 256 MB
712A : Pentium3 800MHz or above RAM 128 MB

can someone tell me if it seems possible for me to burn DVD with latest plextor writers? Is high performance only required for high speeds (x8-16)?

note : it’s not important to me to burn at highest speeds and with cd-writer i have no problems to burn at x48, i think the data transfer is not a problem
(nero speed test for HD cache ~20Mo/s)

thanks a lot…

Yes, higher burning speed requires higher system requirements.

I tried running a 16x burner (not plextor) in my friend’s PIII-450Mhz and from the graph (first pic, green line) I think you’re going to be safe burning @8x. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=763547&postcount=108

So the bottom line is, if you decided to go with plextor, go get it (either 712 or 716) and burn @8x.

What you see is a writer in MW-DMA mode. A PIII/450 will work perfectly if you configure it properly…

I’m have a 712a in a 800MHz machine with 512mb RAM running winXP pro sp1. Burning @ 8x in my machine, I sometimes get buffer underruns while doing other tasks such as browsing webpages. It’s not a problem because burnproof kicks in and prevents a coaster. However, if I am not using my computer to do anything else, the buffer will stay @ 100% for the entire 8x burn.

I’m running an AMD 900mhz with 640MB of RAM with XP Pro and doing just fine with my 716A.

With that slow of a PIII, you’ll just be in for long wait times if you’re trying to re-encode DVDs for burning.