716A: Not burning with FW higher than 1.03



Yep, that’s weird. I’ve got “queuing failed” messages from Nero, “write error at 00:00:32” from the Plextools (2.19a) if I work with FW 1.04 or 1.04u. Going back to FW 1.03 allows for burning at 4x, what I’m doing right now. I’ll keep you informed about other write speeds later on.

Has anyone come across a similar behaviour?


I’d try an updated version of Nero. Version is out now.


I’ve considered this but why do the Plextools not burn properly? The auto strategy base says something about 12x for the very same disc.


What discs are you using? I have some TDK 8x DVD-Rs that the FE/TE test shows to be able to burn at the maximum speed (8x on my PX-712A) but the discs fail.


I’m using Sony DVD-R, Platinum DVD-R (= Ritek G05) and RiData DVD-R (also Ritek G05). They had burned fine until last night, but all of a sudden this morning they didn’t.

In the meantime I’ve upgraded to Nero (legally, what a shame), and the same behaviour occurs. After updating to FW 1.04u, 6x seems to be possible (running at the moment, but after about 20 % the speed drops to 4x again.

This is ****ing me off.


It could be that you got a particularly bad batch of RitekG05, or that the PX-716A just doesn’t like this media code. Try some higher quality discs like Verbatim, Maxell, or Taiyo Yuden to find out if it’s a problem with the drive or just a media compatibility problem.


I surely will. Although I must say that they have packed their packages very well – good discs on top …
Are there any Plextor self-test programmes out there?


I’ve just turned off the high-compatibility mode in Nero, and now it is burning at 2.5x and less. This seems to show the real quality of the discs :-(.


Did you try? - It is recommended to delete the strategies in the Auto Strategy Database (using PlexTools Professional - Drive Settings - Advanced) before upgrading the firmware


That didn’t even occur to me, good job pointing that out DrQ.


Done so. To no avail.

BTW, the SecuRec option doesn’t show up in the Plextools. Does this mean anything?

Well, if everything is fine in the beginning, and if things get worse after about 20 discs with any kind of media here, and if SecuRec does not show up, it looks like an RMA, doesn’t it?


The Auto Strategy Database does not accept any new entry. It did so with FW 1.03 and FW 1.04(non-u), but it does not now. I’ll give v1.03 a new chance.


FW 1.03 – and everything is as it should be. Weird. But no RMA. GigaRec and SecuRec are there again for the cds, 8x burns are possible with the Riteks. Thanks for your help. Can I trust in firmware updates in the future?


urvieh, it is highly recommended to update the firmware to 1.04 since Plextor fixed some writing strategies for certain media. Most users experience better quality burn with 1.04.

Now while the drive is using 1.03, can you tell us is there any entries in the AutoStrategy database?


No. The database is/was empty. After upgrading to 1.04, what I have done right now, burning still is possible, but there are no further entries in the database, too.


Read this to answer your question:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=126753

So you can burn successfully with 1.04 now?


Thanks for the link.

It burns Ritek media at 8x, but fails with the Sony. It sounds as if the drive wants to find a certain position to write at but can’t do so. The result is an error message that I would translate into English as a queuing error.
I’ll have to see if the discs work fine in my Pioneer stand-alone dvd recorder. The Plextor definitely doesn’t want to cope with them.

Edit: Now I see what’s going on: The database contains the Sony now and states a speed of 6x. Let’s do some further teaching …


What is the MID of your Sony -R?



It starts off well at 6x but loses speed at about 20 %. Unfortunately, this is not taken over into the database. What puzzles me more is that the drive doesn’t adjust to the data automatically. That would be a major improvement.


I can burn Sony08D1 very good: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=839750&postcount=245

If you are willing to waste a disk, test it with Nero CDSpeed (create data disk, F9), scan and post it here like the link above. While you are in NeroCDSpeed, check the burst rate (F6). SHould be above 22mb/s.