716A Not burning CD

I have a 716A with the latest 1.04u firmware upgrade. Does fine with DVDs, but won’t burn CDs. Any thoughts?

I have this problem too. What error are you getting. I keep getting a NO SEEK COMPLETE error with every brand or CD-R and any software I try it with. I can do DVDs without a problem and can even rip from CD-Rs just can write back to them. I got my 716 in a external enclosure because I have only a notebook. My notebooks internal Toshiba can burn to CD-Rs so I didn’t think it was a OS issue but I formatted anyway and still getting NO SEEK COMPLETE after just installing Nero to burn a audio cd. Not really concerned anymore because i’m using the notebooks burner to do my CD-R and the 716 for my DVD media

Same problem here. I had to go back to 1.04. Some people have contacted Plextor and this is what they recommend. Have you also problems with CD-RW and DVD+RW ?

Send your 716A back to the manufature, this is the hardware problem of some 716A AFAIK.
I’ve got my first 716A with the same problem like you, and then I sent it back and get another new fine working machine from the retailers.

My 716A is TLA#0203 and produced in January 2005.

Try flashing to 1.04 (not 1.04u) and see if that helps. I don’t think it’s a hardware problem because I had difficulty burning CDs with firmware version 1.04u on both TLA0203 and TLA0304. As soon as I flashed back to 1.04 everything was fine. Plextor engineers are apparently looking into this.

The problem I met definitely is hardware problem.
No matter which firmware I flash with, my first 716A doesn’t recognize any CD/CD-R/CD-RW/CD-ROM…etc, but burned and read DVD as well.
It doesn’t recognize any CDs from the beginning, so I can confirm it’s hardware problems with some 716A.
The same problem seems happened to some machines here in China, though not many.
And the only thing that the people like me can do is just sent back the machine to the retailer and get another fine working one back.

Two things to check if you still have the drive. Load a commercially stamped disc. The led should go amber and then green in about 10-15 seconds. If it does that it is reading the drive TOC. If it blinks 2 or 5 times, you have a bad drive.

Run the self test. If it passes, you probably have a system issue. If it fails you have a bad drive.

In my earlier post I said that I can rip from CD media so it wasn’t a problem reading CD-Rs. When I tried writing anything to a CD-R thats where it fails. But anyway it was the drive because I swapped it at Best Buy today for a TLA 0304 that came with FW 1.04u. Works like a champ. No problems burning CD-Rs anymore.

Don’t know if it’s Software or Hardware but there is an issue for sure. I exchanged my drive for other problems and got one that would not read a pressed CD or DVD and would sit and do nothing with a blank CD inserted, would not let me burn. The only thing it would do was read a burned DVD, but wouldn’t read a burned CD. So back that went as well. Got and installed my third 716A and it does everything well. So there is definitely a quality issue, be it software or hardware. I really hope someone from Plextor looks into these forums once in a while.These things need to be looked into. :slight_smile:

Got the same problem with my 716a and 712a, they won’t burn CDs.
DVDs burned fine !

What’s wrong ?

Yesterday everything burned well, i havend changed my hardware or software since weeks!