716A low speed burn

I have few cake packages of old Esperanza DVD+R 4x media (Mnf ID: AML 001). They were cheap but good enough when burned as 2.4x on my old Asus 1604 drive.

Now appeared I can burn them at 4x speed only. Anyone tell me please how can I set lower than 4x speed on my Plextor 716A? I’ve tried already to disable PowerRec (making no difference), enabling VariRec (it have 4x only speed option for this media), playing with Nero recording options – all those things failed :frowning:

Also, is 716A sensitive to vibration? I have 4 big coolers inside case, 3 harddrives, watercooling and all that stuff making case to vibrate a bit.

ps. I’m using Nero Express for burning disks. Previously used 6.1 but that made no difference at all – only bitsetting option appeared in 6.6

There won’t be a way to reduce the speed further. 4x is the minimum. You can try them until a burn fails and auto strategy falls in, but I don’t know if it will be able to handle your problem.

4x minimum is kind of hadware limitation? unbelievable…

I would think so … This was the case with all cdr/w drives also.

Not really since 2.4x media is very rare and I doubt that media manufacturers are still producing 2.4x DVD+R media. Have you tried burning the discs at 4x? Maybe they’ll work just fine. If you see a long lead-in burn time then it’s AutoStrategy kicking in and examining your disc. If you do a couple of burns with your AML discs then chances are, the burn quality will improve a lot. Good luck :wink: