716A led



new to the forum. Got my new 716a and installed it. On starting i get the drive is recognised in xp pro sp2 ok but when i insert any type of disk the green light comes on and then turns to orange flashing twice each time. I have updated firmware to 104u swaped cables checked dma changed jumpers to select dma installed it in another machine totaly different spec and still the same. I have tried contacting plextor support by phone and email phone keeps you waiting 45mins on first attempt 90mins on second. Emails are not replied to.


Welcome to the forums KingAragorn,

My PX-716A also blinks green when I insert a disk, this is normal. After inserting the disc the green LED blinks two additional times and then remains on. I don’t know what the orange blink code means but can you read media at all or does the drive fail? If this is the case then there might be a hardware problem. Let us know if Plextor says anything. Good luck!

For the PX-712A two amber blinks mean “Cannot read a stamped disc or initialize a CD-R/RW disc because the drive cannot properly configure the focus and track adjustment settings”. Possible solutions can be found here. I don’t know if the blink codes for the PX-712A and PX-716A are the same though…


Cheers. Won’t read any media even the istall cd that came with the drive. Looks like it may be a dud. Worried about plextor support though thought they were the best. Now i will have look round at competition.


If you have a dud drive you can have it replaced. You can read more information here. Generally speaking, Plextor support is very good (judging this on what members have reported here. But it’s best to call them and ask for help than to e-mail. Good luck and let us know how things work out!


I have excactly the same issue. Cannot read any media and the amber led blinks twice.
Anything to do with UDMA ?



Mokka, that has nothing to do with UDMA as its the drive itself that is unable to read the disc, this is all happening before any communication takes place to the PC.


To rule out any possible system problems you can disconnect the drive from your computer (leave only the power cable attached) and then insert a disc. If the drive fails to initialize it, it’s probably a dud drive.


Eventualy got through to Plextor. I contacted Misco people i purchased the drive from and they stated Plextor handle rma and support. They gave me a different number to ring. When i got through they said to go to the website and fill in rma form. Had to run their pxinfo and send report. That was Monday past they said i would have a replacement drive in 2-4 days. No sign of it yet. Such a mixture of reports i am worried if the 716a is really any good.


bother them again…


My first px716a flashed green 8 times and didn’t detect anything. I returned it to Best Buy for an exchange. I now have 2. TLA 0203 & 0304. They seem to be fine. :bigsmile:


Just putting in a good word for Plextor support. When I sent off for one, I asked them if they could speed it up any, and they turned round and said they’d ship a new one out and that I didn’t need to send my old one back!!

So I will have one new one and one which sortof works (Unless I use RW media or burn at low speeds… ;))
Although to be fair they said keep it around in case I have to send it back at a later date…

I still think they have one of the best support setups I’ve had to deal with 'tho.
It’s definitely been a breath of fresh air compared to the likes of Lite-On and Sony (brrr)…