716A LED behavior?



I am thinking of buying a 716, but I have a question about the LED. Is it dual or tri colored? I have seen messages mentioning Green, Amber/Orange, and Yellow?! Is one color used for Reading, one for Writing, one for Errors? Possibly one color used to signal a disc is in the drive…?



If it’s the same as the 712A, the light will be green constantly when a disc is in the drive and flash amber when writing.


The drive has one LED, dual coloured (green and amber). For reading it’s green, for writing amber. Both colours can be used for error codes as well (then the LED blinks a certain amount of time in one colour).


Isn’t it actually three colours: green (standby), yellow (reading/initalizing), and amber (writing)? It’s a little hard to tell the difference between yellow and amber but I know I’ve seen it…


I found here an interesting summary about the behavior of the 716 A LED:

and particulary this that I did not know before:

Yellow-Green-Amber : Write setting created by AutoStrategy


Blink interval … Write Speed
Amber, 40ms … DVD: 8x and higher
… CD-R: 32x and higher
… CD-RW: 24x

Amber, 80ms … DVD: 4x - 7x
… CD-R: 16x - 31x
… CD-RW: 10x - 23x or 10x CLV

Amber, 150ms … DVD: less than 4x
… CD-R: less than 16x
… CD-RW: 4x

Yellow … Eject, Initialize, Read
Green … Standby,Buffer Under Run Proof is working
Yellow-Green-Amber … Write setting created by AutoStrategy

Mmmmmmmmm, about 40 minutes too late. :frowning:


Thanks namoh for posting the whole thing , it is much better like that

I was just surprised by the blinking related with AS
I never noticed that because it is getting difficult to find a media that is only
supported by AS

On my forum in french somebody has reported that this
“Yellow-Green-Amber” blinking with a duration of 5 seconds
happened to him with a Verbatim branded media 16x of MID code “MCC-004”
- but after that no more enties were shown in the Database

  • and on top of that the drive behaves like with a media only supported by AS, the burns improve each time

Such an info is is very surprising !
Firmware version was 1.04

So I have to check things like:

  • Did this person leave an old entry in the AS database before upgrading to firmware 1.04 ?
  • The TLA# number


I had a problem with my AS database when I upgraded to firmware 1.04 (from 1.03) without clearing the AS database before the upgrade (as recommended by Plextor Europe). This caused a coaster because AS was hanging during my burn with a Verbatim disc. I could see the LED blinking Yellow-Green-Amber for about 8 minutes! After that time the drive ejected the disc as a coaster… I then cleared the AS database, reflashed the drive with firmware 1.03, rebooted, checked if the AS database was still empty and then upgraded to 1.04 again. That solved the problem I was having.

Ps. My first answer in this thread was wrong :wink: I didn’t notice the difference between yellow and amber before but during the AS hanging problem I had enough time to examine it :wink:


Thanks GameF
this is a great “break through” in the understanding of AS !

I supposed that it had something to do with the clearing of the AS Database
before upgrading (if not plextor would not have recommended doing this)

I dont have already all the information about how my guy upgraded his firmware to 1.04 and which TLA he has got

But what makes me think is following:
- this guy published on the site “Gravure-News” 5 PIE scans
indicating an improvement with each of the successive burns on a Verbatim 16x “MCC-004”

he says: like if this Verbatim media was supported by AS …

  • and at the beginning of every new burn of the MCC 004 he gets this “Yellow-Green-Amber” blinking of the LED
    but only for 5 seconds and the burn goes on perfectly …

I have to check all this in detail before saying more …
I also think we should report this to a thread already dedicated to AS

Here is a “screen” of his AS Database
The only shown entry was produced by a brand called “Prodye” and this MID code “POMS3A” burns at the moment quite well in the PX-716A


I am a little colourblind, I have less sensitivity for the green. And I hardly see the difference between the colours of the LED. I see it blinking, but differences are very very tiny, more a difference in intensity than in colour actually :slight_smile: It also depends on the distance from which I look at the LED.