716A jumps back to PIO mode

At least once a week, after quite a few backups and burns,
I notice my burn speed becomes very slow.
Something keeps causing my settings to revert back to PIO on the secondary channel.
I have to un-install my secondary channel, reboot after windows finds new hardware, and then I;m back in business.
I am set at master[plextor] with Lite-on as slave.
Using Nero 7 for all burning…
I always have to un-install the secondary channel.
Should I just un-install/re-install the plextor 716A instead?
Would that fix it?

It might be a flakey IDE channel on your motherboard. Windows is noticing something not right during DMA transfers and is repeatedly knocking the channel back to PIO. IF you take a look at Windows Event Viewer, you might see red X errors for “source CDROM”, but even then it would be hard to say if the 716 (or Litey) is submitting bad data or if the motherboard can’t keep up without corrupting the data. It might help to take either the 716 or the Litey out for a week or two and see if the problem goes away. I’d suggest searching the forums for “PIO mode”. Good luck.

Maybe replacing the IDE cable is also worth a try. :slight_smile:



where is windows event viewer?
btw: I replaced the secondary channel ribbon cable a few weeks ago when I installed the new Plextor…
old one crapped out after 2 yrs…

On my Windows 2000, it’s under Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Event Viewer

I’ve attached two screencaps to show what you’re looking for. The first one shows an error event associated with the “cdrom” device. Normally, whenever I do something dumb like insert a DVD upside down, Event Viewer will show a yellow caution indicator, but I guess something more serious happened on December 17, 2005. When I double-click on it, I see the second screencap.

Since “error 11” tells me nothing, I went to
and entered “11” in the Event ID box, and scrolled down to look for cdrom as source. I then clicked on the “comment and links” link and it reported, [b]As per Microsoft: “This problem is typically caused by a failing cable that connects the drive to the computer”.[/b]

btw: I replaced the secondary channel ribbon cable a few weeks ago when I installed the new Plextor…
old one crapped out after 2 yrs…

Looks like eltranquil nailed it in far fewer words than I. If you see a lot of those errors in the event viewer and they seem to be dating from when you installed the new cable (80 connector?), I’d say there’s a good chance you have your culprit. Even though it’s new, you might want to try another one.

Do you have a game installed with Starforce copyright protection? Starforce installs it’s self as a driver but has side effects Like stepwise slowing down burners.

Read this article and the site about Starforce: http://www.glop.org/starforce/detect.php

Checked all of that and can’t find any similar errors in event viewer. Problem started when I installed new 716A. I had one before but crapped out so I just plugged this one[internal] with existing drivers so xp did not have to find. I am now wondering if Un-installing the 716A in device mngr instead of un-installing the secondary channel would make a difference?

It could never hurt to try here, Just do it and see what happens…

No I do not think it would make a difference but you may try Plextools… checking the DMA checkbox should solve the problem without restart… But this is a workaround not a cure for the problem.