716A I/O Error DOA Out of Box?

Hi all… Just got the 716A from Best Buy… after going back and forth I decided to go with the plextor instead of the benQ (figured when I get the chance I’d pick up a benQ later) Just my luck… The computer seems to “see” the drive and give it a drive letter but won’t read any disks. It came with 1.03 and it gave me an error… can’t read due to i/o error… I flashed to 1.04 and now won’t give error but still won’t read. Has anyone had this problem? I spent the extra 15 bucks getting it from Best buy for the instant gratification and the ability to just return and exchange quickly… I am thinking I might have to go that route cause the drive ain’t working. Gonna reboot and check the cables again… See you all soon…

Do the self diagnostic test that is explained either in the manual and on the Plextor FAQ thread.

I did that test… it still wouldn’t rec the drive or see any media in the drive… (three amber flashes) GOD NEWS though… I exchanged it at Best Buy (box was open should I have tried to get a deal?) anywho! The drive is now being seen… Just installed the new one no fuss no muss… now I will start burning and let you guys know how the drive works.

nice…good choice to get from BB. let us know how things are going…

what TLA is it? 02XX?

so far so good… It is TLA 0203 all but one on the shelf was 0203… that one was like a 0103 I think… it was 01something… I haven’t run many tests but II have only made 2 dvd coasters and 1 cd coaster. I think that had to do with one of my HDs being in PIO mode. Since I sorted that out al my burns have worked even while I used my computer… yaaaaay

I should add that my computer is in dire need of upgrades… only running a duron 900 and had 5 gig of free space.