716a GigaRec?



I was Trying to Make a Gig Cd the other day. When i looked for any settings to enable i couldn’t find any. It was not the reason i bought the drive but i could of sworn that GigaRec was a Feature. I went to Plextors site and Gigarec is not a feature listed in the main specs. Am I crazy? Is it not a Feature? I plan on Purchasing a Premium in a little while but i have not used GigaRec before so i don’t know if i am missing something. I am not at home right now so i don’t the exact version of PlexTools Pro i have but i believe it is V10.0A if that makes sense.


From Plextor’s 716A page

PX-716A Benefits

* Writing DVD+R: 16x
*           DVD-R: 16x
*           DL DVD+R: 4X
*           CD-R: 48x
* Rewriting DVD+RW: 8x
*              DVD-RW: 4x
*              CD-RW: 24x
* Reading DVD-ROM: 16x
*            CD-ROM: 48x
* Buffer Underrun Proof Technology: Stops buffer underrun errors
* [B]GigaRec Technology[/B]


Whatever PlexTools version you have in your application CD, upgrade to the latest one.

In PlexTools, highlight your 716A and select

Drive Settings -> GigaRec

Hope this helps…

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And here’s a snapshot of the GigaRec feature in Plextools 2.19a on 716a.


US version

I am From the US. Could their be difference between Countries. I don’t see it on my version (i might not be looking hard enough). If its a feature it should be on my Plextools Pro i got with it. The drive is 0203. Again it is not overly important since i plan on purchasing a Premium for Game Copies I just thought it is a bit odd i can’t find any out on it US wise.


Yes, you didn’t look hard enough. Here I copied from the US website:

[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][size=2]Plextor Software Bundle for Windows:

PlexTools® Professional software allows you to control powerful functions with an easy-to-use interface and includes Plextor premium features for SilentMode, GigaRec, VariRec, Q-Check and SecureRecording.
Mine is the US version too. :slight_smile:


Don’t insert a DVD before trying to enable Gigarec!


Thanks everyone, sometimes I think I am blind.

Alex, are you not to have a DVD in there when i try to use this feature or that any time i put a DVD in there i have to restart before i can use this feature?


GigaRec is for CD so if you insert a DVD the GigaRec tab in Plextools will disapear. If your drive is empty or you insert a blank cd than GigaRec tab will be there.


Cool, I got home threw in one of my favorite TDK media. GigaRec shows up sweet. But PlexTools is reporting my CD as CD with no space, It allows me to go from -356 MB to +356 MB. I am going to update plextools. I also recently Installed Alchol and Clone CD. Any one know if these cause any problems and what i can do to keep them and Plextools on.


Updated PlexTools still get the same thing. Any Ideas.


Alcohol is most likely the problem. Look for an option called "ignore media"and disable it.


Thanks, That took care of my problem.


Very good tip. Bought the PX-760A, mainly to try out GigaRec. But with the Plextools-CD still in my drive, GigaRec was nowhere to be seen. I was already thinking of a firmware upgrade, a Plextools upgrade, and/or buying Plextools XL, … I was not a happy dude, until finally, I found your post !