716A FW 1.07 release by CDBest

The link is here


The short change log is post in the thread below in Chinese.

Improve CD-R media writing quality;
Improve DVD-R DL media compability.

Have fun! :bigsmile:

Scan of new firmware:

It it official or hacked?

thanks for the heads-up Valeron…hrm, debating on trying this out before it hits any of the official Plex sites…

edit: download doesn’t seem to be working anyway :sad:

I won’t… I’ll wait for the official version, because I don’t want to ruin my Plextor nor my warranty. :wink:

I really can wait some days for the official version. :smiley:

I can’t get it to download!

Does anyone have it so that it can be e-mailed?

I checked this link right now and it is working. :slight_smile: Try again!

Sorry! That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails.

And how can i send you this firmware? :confused:



I hope I dont get in trouble for this.

Sorry! I did not r4ealize my e-mail was disabled!:frowning:

Thanks! I got it!

Weird, look at this. It says it was created on April 19th. I dont think anybody should try it until its officially released. I am going to flash back before I even burn anything. Why would it say April 19th?

1st thanks for information, Valeron! :slight_smile:
I just downloaded it , at the first look it should be a normal official
exe. update file. The .bin file is not working at the moment.
Great, it came faster as i expected! :wink:

Yes, D.a.r.jr!
It’s strange why they hold it so long to release :confused:

Manufacturing firmware always precedes the download release by a few weeks.


It’s dated 19. Apr 2005 - to clear up that fuss.

It’s normally tested for a while before it’s released.

why is ot not on the official plextor site?

Just flashed to 1.07 and burned some CDR, no probs. It’s legit firmware, it comes from Japan first and then migrates to Europe and then America. Nice to see Plextor continuing to improve the drive.

i hope ritek r04/16x media write quality is improved.
compared to nec, benq its disappointing.