716A first impressions, problem :(

I had made a thread about buying the PX716A or not, that got several responses…
Anyway I took my chances and bought it yesterday.
I also bought 10x Intenso DVD+R 4x and a RiData dual layer disk.
I was relieved when it was installed without a problem on my DFI NF4 mobo.
Then I put the DVD to install a recording program.The only non-trial was the Nero, however it was OEM version.
Having no other choice I installed it. I wanted to do some test burns without wastind my media to see if everything worked correctly. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do a test burn. There was no such choice in Nero :frowning: Is this because it was OEM version?

Anyway I decided to do a real burn and waste the 1 of my 10 Intensos. I chose some files (around 2Gb) from my HDD and unchecked the mutisession box (so it would finalize the disk) and checked the “data verification”.
The burn speed was automaticaly set to 8x. The burn seemed to go as planned, but suddenly at the data verification I recieved an error. After this I tried the disk in both my DVD-rom and the plextor and it was unreadable.
So the first burn was unsuccessful :frowning: .
Did that happen because the speed was set to 8x and the Intensos were rated for 4x? Or is it something else?

But most importantly can you tell me a good program to download to do my burns (that supports test burns too!) please?

I may be wrong but I don’t think of Intenso as been a good disk. Even so it should burn properly - so my guess is that the problem comes from burning at 8X.

Nero is a good program - the best for data as far as I’m concerned. For Movies however I would use a combination of Shrink and DVDdecrpter ( to burn the iso)

You can’t beat DVDD & Shrink. That’s been my experience. No problems and a good quallity burn every time. :bow:

I am not interested in movie copying programms, just DVD recording software.
I want a general purpsoe program that has all the tools, like Nero, or Easy CD creator or whatever, I don’t know which is best right now…

Maybe the Nero that is inside the Plextor CD has so few features because it is OEM and I should download a full version… I don’t know, just tell me.

The 716a i got came with Easy CD Creator. And plestools? Not nero? O_o

The Intenso media was probably OPTODISCOR4, which was not the best to try for a first burn; it’s not on the Plextor-recommended list:


(Short list: Verbatim, Maxell, Taiyo Yuden)

As for burning software, full-version Nero offers a lot of filesystem choices (ISO, mixed-mode, UDF) and natively supports a lot of data formats (ISO, bin/cue, NRG)

You can use Plextools for burning test discs (Write Transfer Test section) and also for scanning the results (Q-Tests section). The combo of Nero + Plextools should meet all your immediate needs; you can branch out after that.

Select 4x in Nero - always try the rated speed first. In Plextools you can do a media test (without writing) at the allowed speeds to check the media first. I’d say on the Plextor recommended media should be burned at higher than rated speeds. Also for unknown media one or two low quality burns are needed for the Plextor to come up with a good write method with AS on. Also make sure PowerRec is on. I’d recommend getting higher quality recommended media like FujiFilm or Verbatim 8x-16x DVD+R.

Today I recorder 2 audio CDs and both ended up with noise.
I recorded the first with Plextools using mp3 as the source.
The second one was recorded with Nero and after I converted manually the mp3 files to WAV. (also checked the WAVs created and were fine).

Both times the burn was completed successfully, but when I load both CDs in an audio CD player I get noise along with the tracks.

The media was Taiyo Tuden professional gold ultra rated at 48x . I did the first burn at 48x and the second at 16x just to be sure.

Why is this happenning guys? Should I update to a new firmware?

@Thrylos: You should update your firmware to the new 1.04 version (1.04u).
This firmware fixes some problems with nForce4 based mainboards.

I updated and nothing changed really.

Just to be sure it’s not the media, can you suggest me what media to buy to check and be sure? Media that has 100% compatibility…