716A - firmware 1.10?

Like WHEN!?..ffs, October 5th 2005 was the last firmware, how long do we have to wait for them to release another.

Heh, you’re getting more lenient towards Plextor, aren’t you? When you asked (demanded!) for 1.09 it was only two months since the appearance of 1.08. Now you let Plextor idle for 4 months before you start complaining? :bigsmile:

Anyway, Plextor might bring 1.10 if there is something wrong with 1.09. So, what problems do you have with 1.09?

Some media problems I found are listed in the mfg suggestion thread, some of them since 1.08. For the price they command and their “king of quality” claim, you’d hope they’d fix these problems with common name brand media–especially with brands like Fuji, when I’ve proven in the posts with scans from my other burners that it is not a media problem.

My 716A dasn’t burn onany DCD what so ever…Before I rip it out and destroy this dammed writer I tryed to make a Firmupdate. Perhaps ithis update could be the solution for my problem. But…trying to upgrade from V.1.03 to V.1.09 an error occur. Firmware update is failed! Firmware transfer data error. Code 04-40-f6 Das this ring a bell by anyone and can somebody help me to solv my problem?

It’s only a rumor: 1.10 will be released at April, 2006. I think 1.10 is maintenance release. Adding strategy for new media, and so on…

Will probably be released on April 1, eh? :smiley:

Somehow, 1.10 has made its way on the net:

Er, well it [B]was[/B] there anyway. I downloaded it and since I have three 716A drives, installed on one with no problems.

you snooze you lose. :doh:

Thanks to Two Degrees for the PX-716A 1.10 firmware. :bow:

Edit1: the filesize is relatively small compared to other 716A firmwares? :confused:

Edit2: ala42 checked the file, so should be fine (thanks ala42):
The .bin file is 960 KB as usual. The first bytes are:

000000  50 4c 45 58 54 4f 52 20 44 56 44 52 20 20 20 50 58  PLEXTOR DVDR   PX
000011  2d 37 31 36 41 20 20 31 2e 31 30 30 33 2f 30 31 2f  -716A  1.1003/01/
000022  30 36 20 20 31 39 3a 33 30 20 20 20 20 20 50 4c 45  06  19:30	 PLE
000033  58 54 4f 52 20 52 4f 4d 45 20 20 20 20 30 30 30 00  XTOR ROME	000.

I did not say it is fine, I only said the length is as usual, which is not really the same. Anyway, You and Two Degrees flashed it already, your drives are still alive, so it can not be so bad :).

Mine flashed fine and so far so good. Thanks Two Degree’s, zevia and ala42.:slight_smile:

@ crossg It’s been 42 minutes has anything blown up yet? Damn I love the adventure.

No nothing blew up yet.:stuck_out_tongue: Not sure what the change log will say but this is the best I have ever seen my 716A burn TYG03, PR always cut in with TYG03 when burned @12 or 16x. Previous firmwares were quite a bit higher in PIE levels. Will do a full PxScan when I get time.:slight_smile:

Plextor 716A TLA# 0308 1.10 FW
Taiyo Yuden unbranded TYG03 DVD-R 16x. (GH000076)
Create data disc @ 12x PR on.

@ala42: hehe yes you’re right I supposed to say: “I think it should be fine.” Sorry about that. :flower:

@crossg: nice scan! :slight_smile:

Damn, it’s still 10 days till I get home. I want to check that piece of finest Plextor firmware craftsmanship myself!

Predicted change log:

  • improved write quality on DVD±R
  • added support for new media

You must be clairvoyant!

I just hope they’ll copy the relevant changes down to the firmware of the 712 and release it as 1.08.

Plextor: Pretty please with cherry and sugar on top :bow: ?

YES!!..we NEED a new firmware for the Plextor 712A!!, the last update is dated April 8th 2005???..like, wtf??

Also the firmware say’s it adds read support for DVD+R DL and -R DL, yet Nero Infotool 4.02 dosen’t confirm this. The check boxes are not ticked for DL media read support??

There is no way to find out if a drive CANNOT read DVD+/-R DL. Those checkboxes being there is a bug