716A f/w109 w/ Yudeo000 T03

Haven’t seen any scans with this media yet:

Brand: Plextor

Looks about like how T03 performs on most drives, from what I’ve seen. Either it’s just not as good as T02 or the drive manufacturers haven’t optimized their write strategies for it.

shoarthing, did you get that off SVP?

  • yup: not very exciting media - I’ve posted BenQ 1640 scans here:


Plextor px716a is not really a 16x speed dvd burner in my opinion.
These new taiyo yuden dvd+r disks burn great at 12X speed.
At 16x speed i get similar poor results.

Indeed. It’s more like a 14x burner if BurnProof is enabled. :rolleyes:

@ Shoarthing:

Can you provide a FE/TE scan please?

Besides plextools mediacheck doesnt recognize this media beyond 12X speed!

Here is your fe/te scan

AutoStrategy Media Check doesn’t allow a 16x test on any media for some reason.

The reason is the current implementaion of Autostrategy in the 716 only supports speeds up to 12x