716A DVD+R DL Help

I just recently bought a 10 pack of Verbatim 2.4 DVD+R DL’s (MKM001) @ BestBuy, and I think that I may’ve gotten a not so good batch, since I’ve seen ppl getting much better results w/ this media.

using, Plextor PX-716A, TLA 0304, FW 1.06, I burned 3 DL DVDR’s as such:

first using Nero @ 2.4x, then PlexTools @ 4.0x, finally DVD Decrypter @ 6.0x

Hopefully I’m just being over cautious, and these burns are fine. Any help or advise would be most welcomed. Also any experiences w/ the new 1.07 firmware w/ this media would also be welcomed.

Btw, I used my LiteOn for the tests, since Plextools results are almost identical & take longer.

Those results are excellent for that media. You should be quite pleased–my results were no were near that good. PIFs were high on my burns–spikes going all the way up to the 7-9 range for burns at 4X, and I’ve gotten some coasters at 6X. Your results are much lower in both PIE and PIF, with no real issues at all.

Great burns IMHO.

There is something unusual–usually PIFs are higher on the SECOND layer, not the first! However, provided those “5 PIF” entries are just single spikes and not big groups (check the log), the burns are totally fine. How are your burns on single layer media?

Yeah, I agree with the others, those scans look perfectly fine. Why are you worried?

IMHO good scans, albeit a bit high total PIF on the first layer.

For comparison a result of my own, same media at 6x:

In comparison to your results in my case the second layer is sligthly worse than the first.

Wow, alot of nice responses, thank u all!

Well, I was just worried I spent $60 on 10 DL DVD+R’s, and they turned out to be bad.

My single layer burns are fantastic, extremely low PI/PIF’s, but not so good when I take the speed up to 12x or 16x on MCC004 media, but I’m guessing that’s common.

I burned another DVD+R DL last night @ 6x, at least the results are consistent.

Thanks again for the responses!

Btw, has anyone tried out the FujiFilm DVD+R DL 2.4x media @ BestBuy or anywhere else? If so, plz, tell us about it.

Do not try other DVD+R DL media. The Verbatim DVD+R DL Mitsubishi MKM001 media you have is the best out there, and your drive burns it very well. The Fuji DVD+R DL media I think is Ritek/Ricoh, but it is definitely not Mitsubishi media like the Verbatim discs. All other DVD+R DL media is of considerably lower quality, and no other DVD+R DL disc will actually burn at 6X on your drive. The Verbatim DVD+R DL are the highest cost DL media out there that I know of, and you definitely get what you pay for (the best DL media). Of course, later this year, 8X DVD+R DL is supposed to come out, and prices of the discs should drop, so better choices should be available later this year.

I tried some Platinum branded DVD+R DL, all of them are coasters.
Yesterday I bought 5 Verbatims, all burns are very good.
PIE avg 0.17 MAX 16 (5gig on disk)
The only I don’t get is that my 6X burns are better than the 4X :confused:

They should be Ricoh discs. My BenQ DW1620 refuses to burn Ricoh DL discs at all but today I got myself a PX-716A too and have burned one disc at 4x speed and one at 2.4x speed. The disc burned at 4x speed came out pretty bad with huge slowdowns when read back in all of my drives. The disc burned at 2.4x speed is not too bad but it’s worse than MKM DL media no doubt.