716A DVD burning problem, CD's fine

i bought this drive at best buy and brought it home and installed it in my Dell 2.4ghz with 256megs of ram. before i burned a cd i had to burn some cds to clear up some space before i copied a dvd. those happened to work fine so i wasnt expecting a problem with the dvds. low and behold, when i burned an image i have to a dvd it didnt work on the dvd player on my computer, my dvd player in my room, and my parents dvd player at their tv. so i came up and tried to just copy a normal dvd, so i picked one which wasnt copy protected, and burned it. once again the dvd i burned would not even read on any of those dvd players, same result. i proceded to guess and test, try different things and experiment with the burner trying to get it to burn a good dvd. but it wouldnt, im wondering if anyones had this problem before, if i should take this dvd player back and something else, get a new one. thanks in advance.

what media are you using? did you change the book type to DVD-ROM? perhaps your stand-alone players can’t read DVD+R.

im using DVD-R because i heard its more widley compatiable. memorex dvd-r 8x 4.7gb

This drive doesnt burn proper with the current firmware on dvd-r, many dvd-r’s media codes are not stored in the firmware, ant autostrategy doenst work as it should, so wait until a new firmware comes out