716A doesn't read or write DVD+RW

I am using Verbatim and cannot write to a DVD+RW or read a DVD+RW written on my Plextor 712.

I can write to a CD and read from a CD, and I think writing to a DVD+R is all right, but can’t do anything with DVD+RW

Is it just the one disc or all DVDRWs? It’s not unheard of for either CD or DVD read/write abilities to fail while the other still works. Are you using packet-writing software like InCD or Drag2Disc? Discs written that way frequently fail without warning…try using Nero (or whatever) to burn the DVDRW like a DVD±R.

I’m using Roxio that came with it. I’ve only tried writing with Verbatim. The DVD+RW disc I burned with Plextor 712 can’t be read with the 716A.

I have both the 712 and 716 installed.

I have the firmware and Plextools up to current versions.

I have run into similar problems with DVD-RW’s.
If you have access to a mac with a superdrive (dvd burner) try erasing the disk with it (full not quick erase).
For some reason I am not sure of, my mac @ work will be able to do this while the disk just spins in my pc drives. After formatting in the mac, the disk is fine in all drives.

I’m using XP. The problem has nothing to do with erasing a disc because I can’t even read a DVD+RW created on my Plextor 712.

I have the same problems with my disks, when I erase them in a drive which they can be recognized (my mac work computer) they are recognized by all drives.

i think you should return it for the warranty service; i bought a bulk no warranty from factory 716a & it cannot recognize any dvd+rw disks unless they are virgin; once the disk was recognized, i could burn it & read it, but after eject/reinsertion, orange light is blinking. the burnt disks can be recognized by other drives.

other things like dl disks +r/-r/cdr/cdrw are all recognized & can be burnt though.

i don’t think i am the only one with this problem

I have a simular problem,my 716A can read and burn CDR, but it sees no DVD (+ or -).
Also my pc can give weird problems when I leave a DVD inside. It slows down or locks up.
One time however (tried 10x) it was possible to see the Matrix.
Drive is made dec 2004. Flashed firmware 1.09 , no difference. According to Plextor’s website I have no warranty , because I’m the second owner…
Any suggestions?

OK, well, one of Roxio’s products is Drag2disc. When burning a DVDRW, do you drag and drop files using Windows Explorer or do you burn the DVDRW all at once within Roxio? The reason I ask is that Roxio’s Drag2disc (and Nero’s InCD) eventually produce DVDRW discs that cannot be read. You can reformat them and start again, but my experience says it will happen again.

Again, I ask - is this happening with every DVDRW disc burned with your 712 or only one? If it is all the time, then you might want to reformat the discs with Plextools and then Sum-8 scan them with Plextools. If you post the resulting scans, you will get help here interpreting them. If it is only the one disc, again, try reformatting it and try to use it again.

The more details you can give, the more focussed the help here will be.

I don’t think there’a anything wrong with the DVD because it is read with 712, just not read on the 716. Seems like the 716 can’t read or write on DVD+RW.

I use Roxio in Classic and not Drag & Drop–I click on the arrow to select.


I contacted Plextor and after going through a few tests, he instructed me to RMA it and I’ll get a new one back. I assume it will be one of those refurbished units.

Hi, it looks like I’m having the same problems with the 716a. I was just wondering what is RMA because I need to get a new dvd writer now.

It is quite possible you will get a brand new unit. I did when I RMA’d my 716A last year.


I received a refurbished one that also developed a problem and I just gave up on the 716A. I have both the 712A, which has seen more use than both my 716A models, and recently purchased a 760A. Both my 712A and 760A are doing fine.

Didn’t notice your post was from December, :o . Sorry to hear about the 716A. The 712A is quite a reliable little drive isn’t it? The 755/760 drives seem like they will continue its tradition.