716A & Copy Protection

I’m quite doubt that the PX-716A with firmware 1.09 can deal with the copy protection scheme as good as the Plextor Premium one?



What copy protection scheme are you talking about? If you are talking about audio (e.g. Cactus), I agree with you…

I don’t know much about game copy protections, but it looks that the Premium drive is better even in this case thanks to its “variable-gigarec” capabilities…

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normally I deal with the movie CD/DVD.

in here Thailand they just start using the copy protection scheme on the movie CD and also DVD, I’m not sure what’s the exact copy protection they use, it said on the back of the CD that it’s “copy protected” and you will notice the narrow ring that’s different colour compare to the other area of the disc located near the outer area of the disc

btw ThanX! ET