716A Can't read TDK DVD+R 4-16x

Lately I’ve just noticed my 716 is having a hard time reading some TDK discs I’ve burned from a while back, and it definately has a hard time reading. For example, on both TDK’s I will burn 26 episodes of something, on the older TDK I burned, when it gets to say around episode 21, I can just hear the thing working on reading it, and the video and audio stutters. On the newer burned DVD, it just completely stops and skips the file on WMA 10. Note, both dvds that have been burnt, are pretty much full on the capcity of what the single layer dvd can hold, pretty much about 4.3 gigs. It seems that it can read the first episodes pretty well, half way through watching, around episode 12 I notice it has a hard time reading, then almost done, it has a very hard time reading. I burn the same data on various other medias, DVD+RWs, and some other brands of DVD+Rs. For the RWs I used Memorex, and Maxell, streaming the videos off these were perfect, and the Memorex was rather old and kind of scratched up. For the DVD+Rs, I used Verbatims(pretty old, have been sitting in a cabinet for a couple years), and another brand that I’m not familiar with KHypermedia. When burning and reading CDs, seems everything is fine. Also, with the TDKs, I took both to my dad’s laptop, and tried them in that, an HP, can’t remember the model number. Both could be read fine on it without any problems. I also tried to burn using Plextools with the latest update, still same problem can’t be read at all though on my computer with the 716A. I’m thinking I have a bad batch of TDKs, but I’ve already tried from two stacks of DVDs, randomly pulling a blank DVD+R from the middle of the stacks, still same results. I’m rather new to this, so I’m not sure if I should post any logs, or run any test, and what tests to run.
TDK DVD+Rs 4-16x having read errors towards the end of the data (outer edge of the disc?)
Other media (+RWs and +Rs) read fine.
New to troubleshooting optical drives.

Additional notes:
Used Nero and Plextools
Drive is IDE Secondary Master, on UDMA 3 (couldn’t find anything in bios to lower it to 2)
Mobo is an old Soyo Dragon Ultra (P4S-645DX)
Old Zip drive is Secondary Slave (running in PIO)
Using 80-pin(wire) IDE cable.
Reading other medias seem to be able to be read faster than any TDKs.

Thanks for the help. :smiley:

edit: Just read the FAQs on the SUM8/SUM1 test, I’ll try doing these test, and hopefully put scans to help with this problem I have. Thanks.

Sorry for the double post, can’t find the edit button today for some reason.
I’ve put in some SUM8 scans of various media I could find around my house, all burnt with the same data. I didn’t bother letting the TDK finish, apparently it should be a coaster, but it’s easily read in dad’s stock, HP laptop. All the other burns I can gather are good quality burns.


Verbatim +R

Memorex +RW

Maxell +RW

Maxell +R