716A cannot read/write DVDR

a newly installed WinXP with all drivers
before reinstalling the OS,it’s ok
but now it can’t find the DVDR,and the orange led flash twice
the CDR is ok
i have tried Self-Test Diagnostics,and the orange led flash twice again
How can i save my 716… :confused:

Does the LED flash 2 amber when you install a DVD, or does it go amber, then green after 12-15 seconds? If it flashes 2 amber with all discs, even commercially stamped discs, the drive is bad and can’t read the TOC. If the drive goes green after 12-15 seconds, it’s reading the disc and the problem is probably elsewhere. Try it on another PC if you can.

do you have a nforce4 board?

it’s a GA-7NNXP with NF2 chipset and before the crash of the former OS it works well

the LED flash 2 amber, and after about five seconds flash 2 amber again,never go green at all
i have tried it on anoher PC with intel chipset and reinstall OS again, but neither solve the problem