716A Buffer & more


Long time Plextor user. Just upgraded to the 716A from the 708A drive. I only use the 716A & 708A for dvdr. I still use 10/12/32 SCSI for CDR. Couple of questions!

  1. Using Plextor Tools - I never had a buffer error using the 708A drive. Now since I’ve used the 716A, I get a yellow line telling me burn proof was used 6 times. Is this a coaster or a message telling me burn proof kicked in? I only use MIJ media and this time it was TYG02 8X.

  2. Plextor Tools (in preference) has a Recorder Buffer Setting - How important is this?

I use EAC & CDRWIN for CDR and plex tools for dvd. This is the first time i’ve ever seen a buffer error or burn proof…If you need more info, please ask.

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It’s not a coaster, it’s indeed only telling you that burnproof has averted 6 buffer underruns.

Is it possible that burnproof has to intervene because the 716A is simply faster than the 708A? :wink:

It’s not a coaster indeed because a coaster means an unreadable disc. When, during the write process, your buffer drains and your drive has to pause the write process this is known as a buffer underrun. In the good old days (;)) this would mean a write error since old drives were not able to pause the recording process. New drives can all pause the write process and simply wait for your computer to deliver more data and then continue burning.

Now, even though a buffer underrun is not a real problem anymore, it’s still recommended to prevent them because it slows down the write process. I have read before that PlexTools reports buffer underruns during the write process while in fact there is no indication that the drive has indeed paused the recording process. So maybe there is nothing wrong at all. You can check if your drive has a buffer underrun by looking at its LED during the write process: when it’s blinking orange your drive is burning but when it changes to a solid green then it’s paused.

If the latter happens then give us some detail on your system so we can investigate!


Thank you for the help! …Over the weekend I was able to do a few tests, Using 3 different types of media. FujiFilm DVD+R Yuden000 T02, FujiFilm DVD-R TYG02 & Maxell DVD+R Maxell 002. I have other MIJ media,but only used these for my test.

All were burned at 8X. Only on the FujiFilm DVD-R did I encounter Burn Proof kicking in (7 times), I was using TYG02 8X DVD-R when I made my first post to the forum . Using both DVD+R media Burn Proof never kick in…Only time I ever saw a blinking green light is at the beginning before the hardware buffer scale is full. Once the actual burn begins, I never see green anymore. Seems my drive only uses BP when writing lead in or out?? Software buffer scale stays at 99/100% and hardware buffer stays at 100% during burn period.

here’s the (PIE) scan results - All scanned at 2x with good accuracy.
Maxell DVD+R Maxell 002 = AVG 8.22/Max 47
FujiFilm DVD+R Yuden000 T02= AVG 0.53/Max 6 (Nice!)
FujiFilm DVD-R TYG02= AVG 3.84/Max 17

Seems Yuden000 T02 DVD+R media is the best for my drive. I guess everything is okay? unless someone sees/knows something they would like to add. Any help if needed would be great!

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Everything seems ok Michael. Those PIE values are fine and I agree with you, those FUJI YUDEN T02 discs are excellent. I prefer those as well but unfotunately they’re hard to get here in The Netherlands. You are right when you say that your drive’s LED flashes when starting and ending the burn session. This is completely normal.