716A and CD-RW

Are there people with 716A able to burn CD-RW 16-24X ? It has been reported that there were problems with the latest firmwares (I cannot burn either with 1.04 and 1.04u) but I was wondering if it was:

  • media dependent
  • firmware dependent
  • configuration dependent.


716a TLA#0202 FW 1.04u
Mitsubishi Chemical US-RW 24x (Plextor)

The media used is already two years old and originally came with the Plextor 48/24/48a. The first scan was a burn done after a “quick” erase, the second scan shows the same burn done again, this time after doing a “full” erase.

Conclusion: Can the 716a burn CD-RW well? I do think so. As always it doesn’t hurt to use good quality media.

Also it pays off to do a full erase now and then :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, to answer your question: I think it is media dependent.

716a TLA#0202 FW 1.04u
Unknown media manufaturer, sold as TDK 10x HS-RW, slightly overburned.

Just for comparison. Same procedure as above (1st scan quick and 2nd scan full erase). Notice the identical c2 error in both scans at 64min and the disappearing one at 70min.

Hi, thanks for your answer.
My problem is more dramatic actually. After burning a CD-RW, the tracks are even not recognised (if it was burnt in DAO mode). I cannot even perform a C1/C2 test, the CD is considered as empty or unreadable.

I am experiencing the same problem, with Prodisc ultra-speed media. But my Benq drive also cannot burn these discs, so right now it seems like a media issue.