716A acts peculiar depending on master/ slave configuration

Due to experimentation, I had a 716A hooked up as Slave and burned a DVD+R DL with it usind Nero, verifying on. Burn was OK, PIE was low. Next morning, the drive can’t read the disk at all. Instead, it refuses to eject it. (Unlock doesn’t help) Plextools don’t give info about the drive buffer, and some other stuff is displayed wrong too. Any other drive can read the disk. :a

I eventually removed the slave drive from the ide (toshiba 1612) and suddenly, the disk would be read… :doh:

What a mess… I need all four ide connections!


It is said here many times that the 716 needs to be Master for it to function properly. Don’t ask me why…

I think it ended up as slave, because it wouldn’t “master” with the Toshiba 1612 as slave.

Well, been there, done that, although it was a Toshiba 1912 in my case. It takes master setting for the 716, believe me. And just changing the jumpers will not do. The 716 needs to be a real master of the chain.

And just changing the jumpers will not do. The 716 needs to be a real master of the chain.

What exactly do you mean by that? How else do you change master and slave?

Each cable has a master (the end) and a slave position (the connector in the middle). I had to change the physical position of the two drives, too.

Can I team a 716 (master) with a 712 (slave) on the same chain?
What about a Premium as slave?

This all depends on your MOBO design. My Dells will only allow the 716 and A11,A10,A09 to work as master. Some Mobos will allow a UMDA2 or 4 as a slave with these units.


I’ve had that setup for more than a year with no problems. I also had combinations of 716/Premium and 716/755 working on the same controller without problems. I’m using an Asus P4G8X mobo.

ASUS is 1 of the best branches when it comes to mobos:stable,fast,… :bow: