716a 304 POS?



Just picked up 716a TLA#304 at BB.These scans suck compared to the TLA#203 that I returned!!Should I return the drive??This is Verbatim 8x@4x.


This a scan of Fuji Film 8x@8x,same file as above!??Both Burst tests.


Results could be media. Try normal sum8 test


May have solved my problem!??When I did the above scans,I set my drive to read at 16x!!Here’s the same burn scanned at 2x!!??Fuji Film 8x @8x,MUCH BETTER!So can I assume that I should’nt test disks above the speed at which I burn them???


Plextools is supposed to only use 2x read speed for scans. You will get much higher readings if you scan at higher speeds, thats normal. Use the default 2x speed for scans if you want to compare with others. Your 2x scan looks excellent - Fuji 8x DVD+R media is one of the best as you can see.


Thanks!I am retesting all of the disk’s I just burned!They look much better at 2x!!