716-SA Prob

The burner was working fine untill I reformatted, The bios sees it fine but windows wont recognize it. I hace it on an Sil3114 controller on the motherboard. I have tried all 4 Sata ports but nothing will work.


@x8502. Did you reinstall your chipset Mobo Drivers off the Mother Board CD? :slight_smile:


Well then I guess you have installed at least Service pack 1. Don’t know if this will help but you could try going to device manager and right click on My Computer then scan for Hardware changes. Sometimes that will pick up the drive, or you could delete and reinstall your Sill3114 drivers or which ever controller you have it hooked up to. May be leading you on a wild goose chase but it also might be worth a try.:slight_smile:

Check for hidden devices it might have a “phantom” install their. Also check your INF folder for empty .inf specifically OEM ones.