716-SA lockup when reading DVD+R disc

I just installed a new Plextor 716-SA SATA DVD burner in my system.
My system contains an Intel D865PERL motherboard that is listed on the Plextor harware compatibility list for this drive.

The drive has no problems reading data CDs and DVDs and it also has no trouble reading CD-Rs and CD-RWs. Using the media supplied with the drive (a Verbatim 4.7GB DVD+R disc) and the supplied Roxio Media Creator software, I created a backup of many of the files on my hard drive. The burning process completed quickly and without difficulty. When I tried to read the disc, however, my system locked up. After inserting the disc in the drive, the light on the drive briefly changes to yellow and then to green as expected. When I attempt to access anything on the disc, the drive light goes yellow again, makes noise as if it is trying to access data on the disc and stays in this state for a couple of minutes. Eventually, the entire system locks up (even the mouse pointer will no longer move) with both the yellow light on the Plextor drive lit solid and the red light for my SATA hard drive also lit solid. I am then forced to reboot. This behavior happens consistently. Oddly, if I insert this same disc into another DVD-ROM drive (the one in my other machine, an old Dell laptop), it works fine.

There is also an error generated in my Windows Event Viewer log that

“The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort3, did not respond within the timeout period.”

…which I notice after rebooting when the system has locked up.

I have the latest versions of the Intel chipset software and the Plextor firmware. I am currently waiting on additional media I have ordered to try with another disc to eliminate the possibility of bad media (even though I used the disc included with the drive), but after reading similar problems experienced by others on the Web with this drive, I’m concerned I may still have the same problem. Any suggestions as to what else I might try? I’ve tried changing to PIO mode, using Microsoft only storage drivers, fiddling with SATA settings in BIOS, etc., etc. Plextor support suggested trying media on their recommended list (I’m waiting for some media I ordered to arrive) but this sounds like a lame suggestion since the disc I burned in the Plextor can be read by a 4 year old Dell laptop DVD-ROM drive but not the Plextor drive itself! I have the latest firmware, latest chipset software for my motherboard, latest BIOS for my motherboard. I’ve even tried removing the filter drivers installed for my CD drive to get back to a clean slate and no success. Plextor phone support was nice but useless (and seemed surprised I was having this much trouble with the drive on an Intel motherboard).

Judging on the info you posted it looks like a S-ATA interface problem which is not uncommon. The disc is obviously not the problem as it can be read just fine in an old DVD-ROM drive and your Plextor should not lock up your system completely when you want to read the disc. If the disc was bad your drive would have problems reading it but would not lock up your system and just report a read error or something.

Anyway, please post the details on your system because when it comes to S-ATA support for optical drives some systems can have problems. For more info on S-ATA support also read this part in the Plextor FAQ: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=49767#dvdrw-dvdrwsata

My specs:

Intel D865PERL motherboard
Western Digital 120GB hard drive on SATA0
Plextor 716-SA burner on SATA1
ATI All-In-Wonder 9800 video card
Creative SB Live sound card
Windows XP SP2

No problems with some new Memorex branded discs. Drive also passed the diagnostic test. The Verbatim disc that came with the drive must have had something wrong with it. Still odd it was readable with another drive.