716-SA acting REALLY strage

Ok guys, here’s a wierd one for you. I have a client I just built a high end PC for. Here are the main specs:

Intel 955X Mobo
Intel 950 CPU
2x250 GB WD Sata II’s in RAID 1
2 GB PC5400

And the 716-SA for the burner. Windows sees the drive just fine and device manager shows no conflicts. Here’s the wierd thing. The drive will play all DVD’s fine. It will play SOME, and by some I mean 2 or 3, different music CD’s, such as Billy Joel. It won’t play any other CD’s no matter what I do. It also won’t allow him to install software he purchased to put on his PC such as a flight simulator game. Basically, when one of these CDs is in the drive, XP will show the CD as in the drive, but if I explore it to see what files are on the disc, it shows the disc as being blank. I’ve tried uninstalling the drive from device manger and reinstalling btu no dice. I also upgraded to the 1.09 firmware to no avail. I’m at wits end with this thing and have no clue what’s going on. Any help you could give would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!

which IDE drivers?
which sata controller?

As far as IDE, dunno why it would matter as it’s a SATA drive… As far as the SATA, it’s a ICH7R SB with the Intel Matrix SATA contoller…