716 Refuses To Read DualDisc

I just put in my new Bruce Springsteen CD(DualDisc) and my 716 refuses to read it so I can rip it in iTunes. I then put the disc in my NEC 3500 and it reads with no problems. Apparently the Plextor drive is incapable of reading CDs in the new DualDisc format. I have NO other problems reading standard CD or DVDs with the drive.

Have you contacted Plextor? Maybe they can make it work via a firmware upgrade. You have to make them aware of the problem though, so contact them to tell them :wink: Good luck.

Plextor probably won’t go for this via firmware or hardware…major players are shying away from dual discs as being non standard. The CD audio is not standard and cannot get the CD logo.

Check out the report on Pioneer players at http://www.highfidelityreview.com/news/news.asp?newsnumber=10201663 and

sony comments at
Sony comments DualDisc…

Interesting, I am going to buy that item from Amazon.
Do you mean that using the NEC you can save regular .WAV files of the tracks on the HD?

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