716 owners, your media?

Haven’t bought media in over a year.
Wondering if “Ritek” brand media or DVD-R 4.7GB 1X-4X Silver Thermal - No Stacking ring by Taiyo Yuden is still a good brand/buy?

What is recommended, just burning dvd movies

I get 8x TY DVD+R media and Verbatim MCC004. both burn pretty decent @ 12x

Add another vote for MCC004 here. There isn’t a whole lot of MIJ media here locally anymore.

Exactly the same for me although it’s getting harder to find TY 8x DVD+R discs over here.

You mean europe?

same here but ty hard to get in the benelux

And here http://www.cdrwinkel.com/

Using TY DVD-R 16x

Terrible scans here with TY03, or the drive is dying.

Still good burns with Verbatim or RICOHJPN-R03-04.

The best media I have foud with my 716 uf is Verbatim pastel jewel case 8x tyg02 I get excelent marks every time using these and testing them on xl pro software.I have used TYown brand 8x at the same time as the verbatim and only got very good for TY.They are packed in 5 units with jewel case and cost here in uk £2


Only Verbatim.

I use MCC 004, CMC MAG F01, RITEK G04 (doesn’t really likes that) and MCC 02/03RG20. Mostly the first 2, they are priced good and burn good.

I prefer Verbatim MCC003. Though it is not MIJ, 6x burn is super excellent with 716A.

I think MIJ is not important now. MIJ Maxell MXL-RG03,RG02 is still miserable with 716A@1.09. I dunno why TDK branded TYG02 is not so good (Taiyo-Yuden branded TYG02 is good).

It’s sad that MCC003 is rare in Japan (MCC02RG20 is common. DVD+R is very unpopular in Japan).

recommended places to buy online? in the US

Any input on this media?

Probably Ritek R03, it’s decent if you have a good batch. Although quality is improved lately. The first months this media was introduced it gave some poor results. It should be fixed now but I just don’t trust it fully.