716 Not eating DVD movies

I got my 716A yesterday (FW 1.03). I am totally disappointed by this drive. Once warmed up, it will not accept some of my DVD movies (pressed original ones). Either it takes 30-40 secs to recognize a disk OR the yellow led blinks. DVD Decrypter says “Tracking Servo Failure”. It sucks!

Also i could not get the (latest) DVD decrypter to work higher than an average of ~2x. W98SE, latest ASPI installed, latest motherboard drivers, UDMA enabled, EIDE cable, etc. Totally clueless/disappointed! Any help would be appreciated.

Why not exchange it for another one? That drive sounds faulty to me.

Bought it saturday (yesterday), the shop is closed today. I’ll take it back tomorrow, let’s hope the best (and they will replace it for me).

I’ve just tired “unlocking” the drive from the 2x mode (using the eject button). I was happy to see it began with 5x speed, but it dropped to 2x (even to 1.9x) in some secs :(.

Speed issue SOLVED!

Actually it wasn’t the Plextor, but my HD. I asked the decrypter to decrypt the DVD to an old 40G Maxtor which was not capable of storing data faster than 2x DVD speed :O. As i asked it to store the data on a 7200RPM ATA133 drive it reached an average of 8.1x ripping speed (5x-> 11x -> 5x roughly).

Though i’m still stuck with some DVDs “not getting eaten” for the first time (it usually eats everything after some trials). Is that a problem i should take the drive back with?

Was DMA enabled on the old Maxtor HDD?

Yes, but it’s been slow from day 1. It began to give out strange noises aswell, so im trashing it in some days.

If your drive fails to recognized DVD-Video media then that’s not a good sign. If you could, try to figure out if it’s indeed your drive that’s the problem and not some software conflict (nVidia IDE drivers for instance). Good luck!

Got a new one today which seems to work OK.