716 hack? overspeed without disabling either AutoStrategy or PowerRec?

BenQ apparently has a feature to ignore the manufacture’s rated speed of the media. Plextor suggests one disable either Autostrategy, PowerRec, or both. Since Plextor quality burns revolve around AutoStragey and PowerREC I have no interest in disabling either.

I’d like a feature either in a 716 hack or for a newer model (akin to ‘ForceAutostrategy’) to make ‘quality’ burns at a higher speed than the rated limit and ‘force’ it to learn to write better-faster.

a little positive help?



Good quality at high speed will only work with good media. With bad media it won’t work. There is no “miracle” firmware around that will burn with best quality at 16x to some Princo 4x DVDs. Sorry about that.

However, maybe there is some good media ( rare one ) that we all now can be overspeed with no quality problems, but with the Plextor, you can`t.

I wonder what happen, if i could do it…


P.S. - Wish media, can be Overspeed on others models naturaly, and cant with Plextor? :bigsmile: