716 could´nt read some Original DVD

Why does my Plex. 716 don´t read this Disc,it´s an Orginal DVD,the Amber flash,and he could´nt read the disc.
Thisis those only dvd up to now.

My other Plex.716 can read the DVD,he have no prob.
There are alone already differences between them, means I make rma.

or I am to still observe it, because otherwise no problems, ok he does not read DVD’s few seconds more slowly however a that also burned has with it means I anything to do orginal has he no problems up to some DVD.

I had the same problem with an original DVD, see here:
Since then, it also refused to read a DVD+R that it had burned itself just minutes before - it made noises as if it tried to reposition the laser in order to recognize the DVD, but constantly failed - it seemed to be hung up in a circle.
With a trick, I managed to convince it to read the DVD: I opened Plextools, went to the PI/PO scan page and hit the start button as soon as I inserted the DVD, i.e. without waiting for it to initialitze it. And guess what, it instantly started to scan the DVD. It turned out to be an excellent burn, so I think it is kind of a firmware bug that leads the drive to be hung up with some DVDs when it tries to initialize them.

Yes it works,but why i don´t understand this then the drive isn´t defecly or?

I have make it 10 times,and yet it works without the trick

“defect” is such a harsh word - I prefer “capricious” :wink:

too early been pleased it does not fold always, but sometimes