716 can't see Cd's



Got this drive today and updated the firmware to 1.03, it works fine with DVD’s reading and burning but refusers to see any cd that I put into it. So far I have tried blank disc’s (TDK, Ritek and CMC), software cd’s, audio cd’s and PC games. Am I missing something here or is the drive knackered, the only reason I bought this is because I belived Plextor to be a maker of quality products. One more thing that may help, when a cd is put in the drive the LED turns amber and keeps giving 2 flashers, possibly an error code?? Thanks for any help.


run the self-diagnostic test as described and outlined in the manual. it’ll tell you if your drive is bunk and whether or not to exchange/return/rma it.


Thanks will try that



From Plextors site.

"Amber blinks 2 times means- Auto adjustment failed.

Cannot read a stamped disc or initialize a CD-R/RW disc because the drive cannot properly configure the focus and track adjustment settings


Please follow all steps outlined below:

  1. Re-boot your computer. Check again.

  2. Make sure the disc is not upside down or scratched

  3. Try a “known good” disc that can be read in another drive or could be read previously in this drive

  4. If this is a CD-R or CD-RW disc, try another one from a different manufacturer

If you still get blinking LED lights after going through the troubleshooting process your drive is most likely defective."

If you just bought this, just exchange it.


Thanks, tried that but still no joy. I’ll send it back and hopefully get one that works.


It used to happen with some PX-708A’s.I can see that Plextor couldnt even fix old drives problems.This is very disappointing,Plextor.


Hi, i have this same problem,i can to burn,but DVDs are in this drive unreadable,CD-RW same problem.I think this drive is VERY BIG SHIT.Sorry


I had the same problem (the problem fjle had). RMAed the drive after contacting tech support and the replacement is already on its way.


Can you guys post your TLAs?


The drive that couldn’t read / write CDs was TLA #0202.

Received my replacement drive today (Belgium -> Germany). This too is TLA #0202 (both November 2004).


very odd seems a strange problem on stamped media, did you tried an audio cd on it?


Yes I tried every kind of media, I have now recieved my new drive which seems to be working fine just need different media as the only stuff I have at the moment are
Ritek G05’s. By the way the old drive was a 0202


I’m having the same issue.

I was reading DVDs w/ DVDDecrypter, and using DVDShrink to back up my personal DVD collection. One day it just stopped working. I put a disk in the drive, and got the Amber Light Blinking.

Contacted Tech Support, they sent me a new drive. The drive was put in, and flashed to the latest firmware (from v1.04) and worked great for literally 2 days, and now it’s doing the same thing w/ not reading disks, and has an amber blinky light.

What’s the deal? Others having these problems?




Again and again