716 , Cables and UDMA

I am using the cables my MB came with (2 years ago). My 716 is connected master in the secondary IDE and is running at UDMA 2. Is there any way i can see if my cables are 40 or 80 pin? If i use the plextor cables will it go to UDMA 4? will it have a difference?

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I beleive it will tell you at POST.That is when you reboot,the first screen.I would think that if there “2 years old”,there probably 40 pin.Also,your system spec.'s would help us help you!!

at post? i havent noticed anything. How does this read out?

The flat IDE ribbon cables have 20 pins. They come in two types: 80 conductor and 40 conductor. The difference is pretty obvious when you look at them: The 40 conductor cable has a coarser appearance and looks similar to a FDD cable. The 80 conductor cable has much finer (thinner) wires. You will need the 80 conductor type to be able to achieve UDMA 4 which is what plextor recommends in their users manual (and also in page 2 of their data sheet - http://www.plextor.com/english/products/pdfs/PX716Ads.pdf )

Most mobos or systems shipped within the last 2 years that have IDE/ATA 66(DMA mode 4) or ATA 100 (DMA mode 5) hard drives use the 80 conductor type ribbon cables. Sometimes they will also ship a 40 conductor cable for opticle drives.

So: all you have to do is count the number of wires.

hi! i changed the cable and it appears that plextor went to UDMA 4. (i assume that Device 0 is the plextor, plextor is set at master, right?). Should i expect now better CD-R writing, mind-blowing speeds and DVD-RAM support? lol

your old cable must have been 40pin. UDMA4 will get you better burst rates but shouldn’t have too much of an effect on quality of your burns per se though it may be helpful in achieving stabler peak transfer rates on a 16X DVD burn.

sorry, I meant to say IDE ribbon cables are 40 pin, not 20 pin. they can be 40 or 80 conductor. Sorry if I mislead anyone.
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