716 and cheaper media?



I currently have a 50 pack of princo +r 4x and a 50 of Velocity DVD+R 8X.

Will the 716 have problems writing to these?


One thing I like about the 716 is that it seems to be a lot less picky than most other drives.

The error rates will probably still be hideous, but the discs will usually be usable rather than coasters :slight_smile:


WTF… princo now even haunts us with +r media??


The Autostrat seems to do wounders for cheap media (see AN31 for an example) but it will not restore a dreadful disc to a good disc to burn on. I have some fake TY 8x -R’s and it completes a burn but the discs are coasters when I try to read the data back, and thats using 8x write speed & not overspeeding them.


I have some Kvark DVD-R 4x and DVD+R discs (pure shit media produced in Croatia, extreme number of coaster locally reported). Both of them are well written with PX708A, but with PX716A pluses are written with extreme PI, and minuses with almost double PI (using autostrategy) compared to old good 708. However pluses are written solid with varirec +2 strategy 2, but, again, with higher PI than those written on 708. So, I think Plextor went in wrong “bad media support” direction.


Can’t blame Plextor on media that frankly shouldn’t even be sold. Pick up some TY or Verbatim and enjoy life! :bigsmile:


Well, I am not blaming Plextor and actually I am using MCC, TY and ritek media for myself, but my remarks about good and bad media burn on 708 and 716 are just to add some points to the idea of quality (difference) between two drives. Why is so hard to implement and enhance technology from model to model ?


Because the marketing departement decides what can be done and what not, and how much time it takes to do it properly :frowning: