716-A / Gigarec / EAC / copying protected disks



i just flashed 1.04 and gigarec goes only to 1.3x / when i try to copy copy controlled disks i get many read errors / did anyone else has these problems also?


Gigarec 1.4 is only available on Premium.


PX716 is also only a 2sheep writer and can’t get by every copy protection scheme without the use of certain software like BlindWrite, CloneCD, etc.


If you’re trying to copy a SafeDisc protected game you’re supposed to see read errors: they’re part of the copy protection :wink:


they are the so called “Copy Controlled” cds that have two sessions. the first session has a program that starts up when the cd is inserted in the computer and the second plays normaly on any cd player. EAC with PREMIUM used to rip these disks perfectly 716 with EAC shows errors


Actually, the first session contains the correct listing of CD Digital Audio tracks, and the second session contains the program that starts up in Windows.

The first session is the only session used on a CD player, whereas Windows and other operating systems always use the last session.


then perhaps he has to “enable single session” in Plextools before inserting the CD so it rips just the audio tracks.


i tryed that long ago and it didn’t work. it is very bad that this protection that was beaten in the past cannot be beaten now. it seems that plextor gave in and who knows if the bring in another firmware update to PREMIUM it might cease too to bet the protection


well, you can always downgrade firmware versions to copy a particular CD :rolleyes:


What is the protection used on this CD exactly?


Copy Controlled


the first session contains audio tracks and the second some software that is launched when the cd is inserted in the computer


Oh, ok you mentioned that already. I thought you meant copy controlled as in copy protected, not the actual name of the protection :wink: Haven’t seen that protection here as far as I know. Anyone know of any titles here in The Netherlands that have this protection?


the software that was launched probably added some other piece of software or a registry entry to disallow copying (sheisty, i know, but i wouldn’t put anything past the music labels/RIAA these days). rule of thumb, turn off the AutoPlay feature in WinXP.


On my Plex Premium and 712a, i also get read errors on “copy controlled” audio cd’s, this is all the cd’s state, the actual protection used is not mentioned anywhere.
An example would be Michelle Branch’s Hotel Paper :o UK version, the cd is very easy to copy using clonecd or alcohol 120%, its just during audio extraction it produces lots of errors. Though when plex tools finished extracting, i couldnt find anything wrong with the wav files, they all sounded ok. The protection on this disk asked for files to be installed to play the cd on a pc, unsurprisingly i refused :stuck_out_tongue:

The other cd i have is a Pet Shop Boys one which is exactly the same as above. The long way round is to copy the cd using clone/alcohol, you could try eac, and use “1st session” and then rip the copied disk, and guess what, theres no errors when extracting. :confused:

Further info is here on that disk and others: http://ukcdr.org/issues/cd/bad/


that’s exactly what happens to me too. nevertheless plexwriter premium used to rip these cd’s perfectly. can we trust usinge clonecd to rip and burn to a cdr and rerip? i don’t think so. does the premium has a more accurate laser or mechanical parts thn 716? why gigarec is 1.4 on premium and 1.3 on 716?


They just saw that GigaRec 1.4 can’t even be read back reliably by their own burner. So they decided to reduce the maximum rate.


perhaps the laser on the 716 is diff than the one on the Premium (wouldn’t doubt it) and is not capable of 1.4 Gigarec.


Maybe. But why should’t the laser be able to burn 1.4? The structures on DVD are even smaller.


Any success with Copy Controlled???


It seems that EMI uses the New CDS300 by Macrovision. Some Tests done by YSS on this disc show that turning off autoplay is essencial. He also found out that when the software on the second session is launched only once ripping of the disc without errors is impossible. He disabled autoplay before inserting disc and normally ripped the CD. Then he run the software in the second session and tried to rip the disc again and when he compared the wave files he found differences. When you have inserted the disc without turning autorun off try to uninstall the software and try ripping the disc again.