712SA on A7V8X

Hi all,

I am in the midsts of waiting for my new 712SA to arrive :bigsmile: To kill some time and put my mind to rest has anybody got one of these drives running on an Asus A7V8X mobo?


P.S and yes I do have the A7V8X SATA edition :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the forums ManixMitch,

Unfortunately your drive is not listed on the Plextor Serial-ATA (SATA) Compability List. This doesn’t mean though that it won’t work… but you will have to experience it for yourself. You’re welcome to report back if it works or not! Don’t forget that the Plextor PX-712SA is basically the same drive as the PX-712A except for the S-ATA bridge controller in the drive. You could use the PX-712SA drive as ATAPI model if you wanted to (although I doubt this since then you could have just bought a PX-712A ;)).

GF, just for curiosity… in which way? Opening the drive?


Hi guys, order has been re-run and have ordered a 712a instead, I ordered this first with ebuyer.com for them to then tell me it was out of stock, so from sheer desperation to have thius drive before chistmas i ordered the sata OEM instead, well, they bodged this order up also so, bye bye ebuyer and simply computers gets my custom instead with thr 712a black edition :bigsmile: . So boys and girls - moral of this story: “Don’t order things from ebuyer which have a stock level of below 50 because they are likely not to have any and just mess you about!”.


P.S Will report on new drive from simply.co.uk its a winner from what i’ve read :bow:

You’d have to ask Jan S. I have given my PX-712SA to him so he can use it for his reviews (Q-Check). But, he couldn’t get it to work on S-ATA so he opened the drive and attached it as ATAPI drive instead. Other than that, I have no exact details but I suspect inside the drive you have a simple flatcable attached to a S-ATA controller. You can then probably remove and replace that cable with a normal flatcable.

Thanks, this is what I suspected too… :wink: