712sa CD works/DVD does not

I have been using a 712sa for almost 3 years without problems, until now. Mobo is an A8NSLI deluxe,drivers on mobo are updated and have the latest firmware for the burner. CD’s are read and burn just fine. DVD’s cannot be read and do not burn(commercial,ones burned on this unit, and blanks-I’ve tried various brands that are listed as compatible.). Device manager shows everything is ok. I am running XP pro and when the burner attempts to read the dvd, the amber light on the burner flashes twice and keeps on repeating. When I select my computer, the outline of the page displays but nothing is displayed on the page,when I eject the dvd from the burner my computer displays normally. My Lite-on sohd-167T is able to read any of the dvd’s. Is it time for a new burner? If so, any suggestions for a sata, dual layer?

Sounds like your burner is failing. However try this first : uninstall the device by going to Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager. Go to your dvd drive and right click it, then uninstall. Reboot your machine and let windows re-install the drive. I would have similar issue myself with my Lite-On SOHW-1693S not reading dvd’s under WinXP SP2. But, uninstalling drive would correct my issue.
Good Luck! Regards, estranged

Thanks for the reply. I gave it a try but still got the same results. Guess its time for a new burner.