712A or 716?

I can get both for just about the same price and that makes me wonder if the 716 is better. I really don’t need DL, and so the only significant difference on the surface seems to be speed.

Any opinions on quietness between the two? Quality or other issues?

If they’re the same price I see no special reason why you should go for the 712. The 716 has better specs, more technologies on board and both drives burn about the same quality wise, at equal write speeds. That’s my experience at least. So, I would go for the 716 if I had to choose.

My search results show the 716 at one dollar cheaper!

Do you have any opinion as to which one is quieter, or are they they same in that regard?

Go for the 716a, its cheaper and has more advanced functions(Auto Strategy and Power Record). They both burn media at 12x perfectly. 16x media on the 716a started out “bad” but with every firmware update it gets better and better.

and things will only get better

Is there any difference in quietness?

Probably not, unless you get a 716 with the vibration problem, in which case it’ll sound like a dampened lawnmower engine :bigsmile:

PoweRec is also used on the PX-712A :stuck_out_tongue: Noise wise I haven’t noticed any difference between the two.

Thanks for your help. I ordered the 716 and will add that to my 712A.

I was considering another 712A because I am very pleased with it–I am replacing a DVD-ROM drive–and was kind of in a quandary whether to take a chance on the 716, especially with that “vibration” issue that some have experienced.