712A + Nero's DVD-ROM (ISO) problem

I use to burn my home-made video with Nero DVD-ROM (ISO) or DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) with my old burner hp 200i without any playback problem in my pioneer dvdplayer dv-656a. With 712A (fw1.05), it burns fine and it can playback in 712A, but it cannot playback in 656a. I know it’s not about my 656a because it can playback everything else fine.

Does Nero DVD-ROM (ISO) supposed to write booktype? If so probably that explains the playback problem since Plextor doesn’t support bitsetting… am I right? But why it can be playback in plextor, aren’t it supposed to be “general error”, or am I missing something?

I’m using the latest Nero and tried two different media, Yuden and Ricohjpn. Burning with setting DVD-Video works fine in 656a.

why are you using DVD-ROM (ISO) to write? I don’t think it has anything to do with bitsetting. try using DVD DECRYPTER to burn your ISO image if that’s what you are trying to do. if i’m not mistaken DVD-ROM(ISO) is for DATA. or make sure the settings are correct in the DVD-ROM (ISO).

I used to write DVD-ROM (UDF/ISO) when DVDShrink cannot write ISO at that time… 2 years ago(?). Writing in UDF/ISO also made my old portable player Koss DVD2161 can read the disk. I never do it again until last night. If I’m making home movies from miniDV, my steps after edit in Studio 9 are, menu-ing in Ulead DVD MF2 and write Audio/Video_TS folders. Then I use Nero to create ISO or burn the A/V_TS folder to the disk with UDF/ISO setting. Ulead can only write in DVD-Video setting and my Koss doesn’t like it.