712A Manufacturer question

I see people mention about the manufacturer of their 712A. What does it matter? Mine is the 0000 code, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Should I be concerned?


the 0000 is the TLA#
if you searched for that…its been mentioned alot in the forum. the first two numbers refer to the hardware revision and the last two numbers refer to the firmware version.
this means you have a drive with a first revision hardware and firmware version 1.00
nothing to worry about…the drive was just launched and its not a problem to have a 0000 TLA#. if you ever had a problem you can RMA it and if the problem was the hardware you’ll get a replacement drive with a newer TLA#.


There are already PX-712A drives with TLA#01xx available. This doesn’t mean this is a better drive though. I have a PX-708A TLA#0000 and a PX-712A TLA#0000 both working just fine (and I use them almost daily).