712A DVD Read Problems

I use a Plextor PX-712A firmware 1.07. When I insert the original Kicking and Screaming in the Plextor, the amber light just blinks twice and my computer says no media is inserted.

The movie is playable on my DVD player no problem and I’m able to read other DVD movies from the Plextor. I thought that maybe the Plextor has issues with reading dual layer disks (which support was added with 1.03 firmware), but I inserted Tears of the Sun and Man on Fire (other dual layer) and it read no problem.

The only difference I see is Kicking and Screaming has that new copyprotected symbol on the case. This couldn’t have anything to do with my DVD burner not being able to read the disk, could it? I tested another DVD with that symbol, Newlyweds season 2&3, and the plextor read that fine.

Any ideas? I’m at a lose.

I found the answer. Apparently the CSS Protection prevents the DVD burner from reading the file unless a DVD Player program, such as PowerDVD, is already open. These stupid companies will do anything to try and prevent the pirating of their programs, but all they do is hurt the average Joe who can’t figure it out, while the pirates do and copy it anyway.