712A Dual Layer reading?



Hi there, my very first post here. I have been an avid user of Plextor products for 5 years now. Today i received my new PX-712A, first thing i did was upgrade the firmware to 1.03, next i installed Plextools Pro 2.15.

My question is this, with 1.03 firmware it is my understanding that DL reading capabilities have been added, so why does this capability not show up using Nero Infotool?

I am using the latest 63117 build of Nero, thanks.


The DL reading probably shows up as DVD-ROM. Since it is a read function, it wouldn’t be hard to change the booktype in the DVD structure command to recognize the new DL+R code and make it appear as a DVD-ROM to the drive.



I wonder if anyone here has already tested DVD+R DL reading-capabilities of the PX-708A or PX-112A (yes, the old DVD-ROM drive :-). Unfortunately, I do not have a DL-writer to test it myself.
This feature is not mentioned in the change-logs of the PX-708A firmware-updates, so maybe it is not implemented yet and will be added in future firmware-releases.
I hope there will also be a firmware-update for the PX-116A, I do not believe it already supports DVD+R DL-reading.



A french site (hardware.fr) have release a test of Lite-On SOHW-832S and test the result on some players, the plextor can’t read the DVD DL but if the bit setting is modified to DVD-ROM it’s ok




Thank you, that is exactly the information I was looking for :slight_smile: