712A and Nero problem

Am using the newest version of Nero, but it says MAX speed on 712A is 8X. What gives?

Not all media can be burned @ 12x. Maybe you need to insert the right disc for Nero to show you all speeds.

Well, that can’t be the problem, because that is the info Nero gives me on the drive even with no media installed. Maybe I just need to wait for the next Nero update…

No, Arrow is correct. You have to insert a 12x compatible disc in order for Nero to show 12x. If you have inserted an 8x disc first Nero will show this speed, even if you eject the disc from the drive. When you first start up Nero it will by default show the CD-RW recording speeds and not the DVD recording speeds. Via the PlexTools software you can also check the available recording speeds for the inserted media. Click on your drive and select status: