712 problem with Verbatim 16X

I burnt a movie for a friend and he tells me that 1 of his standalone DVD player will not play the movie since I got these Disk. I thought it strange, so I wanted to scan the same disk with the 712 and it takes atleast 30secs before the drive reads its own burn from the Verbatim 16X. Once it reads its own disk, it takes another 25sec for plextools to gather the information in “CD/DVD Info”

I thought “humm, maybe a bad batch”, I went and bought another pack from another store and the same thing.

more little details

  1. Two of the movies will not even play back in the 712
  2. I was gonna show a few scans, but only a few show a spike in the beginning around “166” with Plextools, others are around “17” and below
  3. I do not have a problem with 8X media burnt @ 12X
  4. I have only burnt the 16X @ 12X(will burn something slower just to see)

Also, for those that know me, this is NOT the same 712 I started with, that one was RMA’ed awhile ago… lol

Could it be that his player won’t read the disc because it’s a little on the older side and won’t read + media if that’s what your Verbats are? I have a slightly older Pioneer Elite DVD 5 disc player and it won’t play + media. I have to change the bitset to - and all is well. Just a thought.

Hey HAMP. Welcome back to the Plextor forum, hehe.

Can you post some scans for us, also it would be nice to see Transfer Rate test either with CDSpeed or Plextools.

@ Bryan S

I do use Bit-setting for all, that player of his is only having trouble with the MCC004’s burnt @ 12X. Anything else burnt @ 12X will play fine in his or my own 712.

Also @ Bryan S, when you use Bit-Setting, it changes the DVD from +R to DVD-ROM not -R.

My Bad, With 800+ posts i should have known you knew all that. Sorry Bud. :o I hope you get it figured out. :clap:

HAMP lives!!!

Here are a few scans to view! I guess the bottom line to this story, I am having a slow recognizition problem from my 712 & friends Standalone player. This slow recognizition seems to be only from a burnt MCC004.

lol @ Two Degrees