712/716UF and Cardbus adapters

Has anyone used a 712UF or 716UF with a CardBus IEEE1394 or USB2.0 adapter and been able to burn at full speed? I have a Dell Inspiron 4150, 845M chipset, with a 1.7GHz Pentium 4-M processor and wanted to be able to use my 716UF with it. It only has one USB1.1 port so I thought I would try a PC Card Firewire adapter. I was hopeful initially because I tested the drive on my sister’s Inspiron 8100 (Pentium III-M 1.0GHz) which has a built-in Firewire port (TI chipset) and was able to reach full 16x burning speeds. Unfortunately, CardBus just doesn’t seem to be cutting it. I’ve tried three different branded cards, each with a different 1394 chipset: Adaptec DuoConnect with Agere Firewire and NEC USB; Dynex Firewire with VIA; and lastly Belkin Firewire with TI. I was hopeful that the Belkin card would work seeing as how the TI Firewire controller in the 8100 did so well, and essentially they both run off the same PCI bus speeds, but no dice; I can’t even reach 12x for burning. Any suggestions before I throw in the towel?

I can’t answer your question, but I’m curious… you said you can’t reach 12x with any of these, what speed do you reach which each of these? And which one is getting you closest to 12x (i.e.: which one’s the best)? I’m asking because I wanna get an external, but there’s no point in me worrying over getting a client chipset that’ll actually supports burning at 16x if the Cardbus is gonna limit me anyway.

Two Degrees: I just checked, using IBM Thinkpad T40 1.60Ghz Pentium-M Centrino 1GB, geared with Belkin 4 ports 1394 Cardbus adapter, connecting PX-712A inside PL-3507 enclosure: Burst rate 23 MB/s. No problem reaching 12x.

My 716A is currently not in an enclosure but I would say it shouldn’t be a problem reaching 16x.

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zevia, who makes the cardbus controller on that T40 notebook?