710A Sony - region setting



I want to set the region code for my Sony 710A drive, so that it can play all regions. Is that possible to set it at drive level? which tool I have to use to set the regions?

Pls let know how to make my Sony 710A to play all region DVDs.



the sony 710A drive is based on the liteon 1633 drive

  1. so you can use the LtnRPC tool to reset the rpc region and count or even make the drive as rpc1 code which is zone free, you can find it in the liteon forum http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=109986 or in rpc1.org http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=1917
  2. or you can use DVD43 software from www.dvd43.com


Thanks for the info, my concern is will the region free setting at drive level is advisable or at software level (like using dvd43) is advisable?

As I am new to ripping & this dvd flashing, I would like to get suggestions before I proceed.

I am afraid in using the patches at drive level for my Sony 710A to make it region free… it shows as RPC II & currently (default) set to region 1. But I wish the drive should play all region dvd’s…

Pls suggest the best & safe option go with…

Thanks again


Dvd43 doesn’t do anything to the drive at all, so it’s very safe - and if DVD43 doesn’t work for you, there are other tools you can buy that do the same thing, and have a wider acceptance.

If you set the drive to RPC1, that is not a complete answer, as software region control takes over unless:

  1. You use software which can be forced into making uncounted region changes using DVD Genie
  2. You use “DVD Regionkiller” - formerly from Elaborate Bytes, archived at most good DVD meddling sites - which emulates an RPC2 drive.

The basic difference between Regionkiller, and tools like DVD43 or AnyDVD, is that Regionkiller requires the drive to be RPC1, while the other tools, I don’t understand HOW, can override the region on an RPC2 drive.


as Matth said
using DVD43 is safe (this what I am using) along with DVDdecryptor and DVDshrink

but the LtnRPC tool should not do harm either?!
you can disable the rpc to make it from rpc2 to rpc1 and you can re-enable it if you want later on, and you can reset the user counts and the vendor counts too


Is there any freeware like DVD43 which suites the Sony 710A? can I use LtnRPC to set at drive level? is this compatible with Sony 710A?

Pls suggest the safe way to try…



DVD43 is freeware and is suitible for any DVD as far as I know


Has any one tried with LtnRPC to make / reset the Sony 710A drive as region free drive?

I am currently using DVD43 to enable/view the DVD movies. Also would like to know do I still need to use the LtnRPC to make the drive level region free?

I am using DVD shrink to rip to my harddisk as .ISO file & then using nero 6.x Sony edition to write to DVD-R media.

Any suggestions pls…

Thanks all


DVD43 doesn’t care if the drive is RPC1 or RPC2 - at least, I think that’s true.

The ways to escape from the “big brother control freak” of region coding are many.
From software that bypasses it, like DVD43 and ANYDVD,
RPC2 Autoreset drive hacks (some NEC firmware hacks).

RPC1 (regionfree) drive, plus software de-regioning, is actually a rather old method now - the “all software” method, and particularly a free version of the all software method, means it is no longer necessary to hack drives.

It is CRITICAL to note, just RPC1-hacking a drive is not good enough, unless you are happy to let software region controll require that you reinstall the sytem every time you use up the changes.

The other approach, which I believe LTNRPC can do, is to make uncounted or reset changes on the drive (just make sure it’s not draining “vendor resets”, or you’ll still run out!).

If your software works with DVD43 (the only real point against it is that it can be a bit iffy with some programs), then I’d leave it at that.


Thanks Matth, I installed DVD43 & I used KProbe to set my drive to RPC 1. Now the nero toolkit shows my drive as RPC 1 & region as “All”.

Hope with this I made both drive & software level region free & can watch all region dvd’s as well rip with DVD Shrink… Pls let me know if I am missing any…

Thanks again