708UF2 Error - Tv Out Port

I just installed a 708UF2 DVD burner and tried to watch a commercial dvd movie on it. I received the following error: “Error Code: F4D41436 - TvOut port of your display card is not working properly…This copy protected disk can not be played when the TV out function is enabled”.

My computer is a PIII-700 (using Win98SE) and the video card is an AGP Creative Soundblaster 3D Blaster Banshee. I looked for a tv out function but could not find one.

Can anyone help me resolve this problem? Thank you.

This error is not your burner’s fault. What’s probably happening is that you want to play a DVD movie on your Plextor and play it on your TV via the TV-Out of your grahics card. This won’t work because DVD movies are often copy protected. But, no worries since there are a lot of software tools you can use to solve this. I think AnyDVD will do the trick for you. I am not 100% sure though since I never used the TV-Out option of my graphics card myself before but AnyDVD should make any DVD inserted in your drive(s) appear as non copy protected. Let us know if it works please :wink:

3D Blaster Banshee :eek: , theres one still alive in the world? Anyhoo that card doesnt have a tv out port, so how to fix this. If you inserted the dvd movie and it displayed some kind of dvd player program, interactual or something like that and asked you to install it, you must use that player, if installed. Your problem is not unique, many many people have the same error, google “Error Code: F4D41436 - TvOut port of your display card is not working properly” and you’ve pages and pages of the same error. Try different programs like windows media player, or media player classic http://sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli or video lan http://www.videolan.org/ etc.